There is so much of rushing, running and hurring going on all around us,which has become part of our individuial day to day exercise. So much, that it has encroched into our relationship with God. We do little spritual exercise of few minutes of prayer and Bible readings; then we step into our daily routine of rushing and hurrying, without hearing what God has to say to us.


We bless the name of the Lord for His grace and mercy in our lives, families and ministries.
We will like to express our gratitude to all churches and organisational leaders for their tremendous support in our resently concluded prayer conference for the Churches in United Kingdom. Leaders and prayer worriors that attended from Manchester and neiboring cities, London, Preston, Black pool and Sheffield, the Lord will continue to unite us all in His love in Jesus name.

Who are these like stars.

We bless God for the October prayer prayer.
After worship Ayoka shared with us a song that had ministered to her in the course of the month titled "Who are these like stars appearing", supported with God's word from Daniel 12:3. Two points were drawn, one that we seek God's face for wisdom as we share God's word, two that God will on daily basis release to us His words of truth that will produce repentance. This was followed by period of prayers.

May meeting - A clearer vision

We give glory to God for His love and mercy shone to us on daily basis.

This month we did not follow our normal agenda, but I believe this will move us to another level of great improvement.

We started with a time of worship and a short time of prayer.

Pastor Simon Dean of The Stream Church in Crumpsall joined us for fellowship for the first time.

Glorious April Meeting

We thank God for the April meeting hosted by David and Brenda Hughes, it was glorious.

God sent an important message to us on the need for us to continue in fervent prayers. David brought a testimony of hope to us regarding revelation from their church member who saw clouds covering the city of Manchester been pushed away gradually during a period of prayer in their church. Ayoka also encouraged us to use the authority given to us as a weapon in our prayers.

We had a wonderful period of prayer after the message.

Glory to God for His presence during the March prayer meeting

The meeting was hosted by Chris and Donna of Joy Community Church in Blakeley.

We had a good time of worship led by Pastor Chris Gibbs our host, which was followed by a period of prayer and sharing of bread in Holy Communion.

New wineskins and a new focus

Calvary greetings in Jesus name, I give glory to God for His mercy that endure for ever.

The day before the February meeting I sent an email out to cancel it because so few people could attend, but on the Friday morning I found myself in discussion with a family of God and they said they would still like to come for fellowship and prayer. I was so happy!

To tell you the truth I was so sad after sending the email out. I felt a sense of disappointment, felt I had disappointed God, all I did throughout the night was pray for God's mercy and forgiveness.

Glory to God for the success of the January lunch

Chris led us in a very inspiring worship while his wife, Sue and her team fed us with delicious meal, may The Lord continue to bless and uphold them in Jesus name.

Ayoka encouraged us to look more deeply into where Jesus started His ministry from in Matthew 4 verse 17. She encouraged us to try and minister the message of repentance to our congregation as we continue to work towards revival in the land and the grace of God's glory this year.

There were powerful prayer sessions