Welcome !

It is our pleasure to welcome you to this web site. We pray that you will be challenged and encouraged by what you find here, as we seek to empower and support the workers and leaders of Christian churches and organisations throughout the Manchester area.

Manchester Christian Leaders Prayer Forum is a group focusing on bringing churches, leaders and Christian workers together to work towards revival in churches, homes and in the lives of individuals.

We meet once a month interceding, for the land, churches, families, leaders, church workers and local government.

We encourage and enable ministers and pastors to discuss any issues that are causing them problems, within a confidential setting, where they can receive help and support for the situations they encounter.

We share knowledge of opportunities and resources that can benefit churches and individuals to grow and encourage each other.

We aim to form lasting partnerships with the many churches across Manchester to organise city-wide conferences and prayer rallies.

Our desire is to see everyone, and especially the youths within our communities, turning back to God.

We warmly invite all ministers from every part of Greater Manchester to join us as we hope to work together as one big team in our Father's vineyard to harvest great souls for God's Glory !

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